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My path starts from my name.

In Italian it sounds like the English adjective “mere” and its purest meaning is “true” but also “clear”, “shining”.

Meri is a two-faced word without the capital “M”: “ire”, in Italian, means to go forward.

I have been investigating words for a long time. My research started thanks to my grandma’s hand-woven linen (a family tradition that goes back to XVII century) – very simple, though precious.

I felt the need to follow what the deep memory of unrevealed words impressed on it suggested me.

The inner meanings of our actions ties to the objects we use.

My work aims to find those words and investigate their connections.

My grandma’s linen had a thick, black fabric. Looking at it closely you could feel the presence of type characters hidden in the fabric.

A family code that was there waiting to be revealed. I used the black fabric as canvas, revealing each letter and word with shiny black varnish, finding out a different fabric made by short pure-shaped phrases.


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